Jul 15, 2011

Dear Windsor, thanks for sharing...

While all of Southern California was buzzing about this weekend's freeway closure and the havoc that it will inevitably bestow upon commuters, my attention was focused with laser beam precision on one thing and one thing only - The House of Windsor (and seeing it before access is squelched to anyone south of the greater L.A. area).

With only one day to spare before the tour concluded (the final day to tour is actualy the 17th but for anyone on four wheels - your chances are slim). I navigated my "carmageddon" equipped Mercedes Benz directlyto the gates of the exquisite ranch style home where the real journey began. Distracted at every turn by shiny baubles and vintage finds I was forced to retreat, collect myself, and refer to the provided floor plan to gain a sense of flow for the sprawling yet cozy compound.

As I strolled from room to room I felt "at home" in my surroundings. I especially aprreciated that for every "oooh ahhh" moment there was a "hmmm, will you look at that" moment around the corner. Windsor and her team of designer pals really talked this one through and the result was a truly cohesive and engaging tour. I could go on and on but I think that the designers themselves explain the experience best in their promo videos on Veranda's Online You Tube Channel starting with an overview from Windsor Smith herself and related video interviews from the participating designers.

In the mean time - here are a few promo pics to hold you over until the 360 tour is available online in September on the Veranda Unveils website. The entire home will be featured in the October issue of Veranda on sale September 20th.