Dec 16, 2010

Gift for the Senses

I've experienced just about every luxury candle out there and I admit to having a very short list of favorites. There is a new addition to my closely guarded list and I am excited to share it with you!

Baroness Monica Von Neumann introduces a truly extraordinary line of luxury candles inspired by her very own travels around the globe. Think earthy sandalwood, soothing jasmine, and exotic red amber. (You won't find a french vanilla or apple cinnamon scnet in this collection.) The complex and sophisticated fragrances spoil the senses and the elegant packaging is absolutely gorgeous making them a wonderful gift for the holidays and a staple for your gift closet.

Baroness Monica Von Neumann is no stranger to luxury and is considered an authority on fine living. Described as "one part Martha Stewart and another part Wendy Williams" this aristocrat-turned-lifestyle-expert lives her life with the utmost elegance and just a touch of Detroit Soul. My kinda' gal!

Order online at
Retail: $38.50 each - I recommend the set of four for $154.00