Sep 22, 2010

When the worlds of Fashion and Interior Design collide, beautiful things happen.

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Iconic Claridge’s Hotel has collaborated with legendary fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg to bring her signature style and elegance to a series of guestrooms and suites. For more than a century, Claridge’s, considered the Art Deco jewel of Mayfair, has stood as an emblem of timeless elegance in London. Von Furstenberg, one of the world’s most celebrated designers, is the namesake to a global luxury lifestyle brand and is no stranger to the importance of tradition, preservation, and sophistication. All key elements in the design process which transcends fashion and interiors.

A loyal guest over the past three decades, von Furstenberg has a very personal connection with Claridge’s which has played a large role in her design vision for the project. DVF’s exclusive textile collection sets a contemporary yet refined tone for each room. Hand made campaign style furniture and Murano glass light fixtures pair seamlessly with animal prints and bold colorful patterns creating a chic yet timeless space filled with inspiration. Creating a modern day aesthetic while preserving the Art Deco heritage of the hotel requires a delicate balance of creativity and restraint. “Claridge’s is the most glamorous hotel in the world, “says von Furstenberg, “hotels like this don’t exist anymore and the legacy must be respected.”

Interior designers have credited the fashion industry for years as a catalyst for inspiration and there is without a doubt a crossover that occurs between the two arts. This is more than fashion inspired interior but rather an homage to design. The stars have aligned and the results are stunning.
Rick Campos for Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine