May 7, 2010

Christopher Guy brings X-appeal to Beverly Hills

Check out my latest contribution to Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine - the hottest new luxury lifestyle publication on the market. View the entire issue online at and be sure to read my Hollywood Glamour Guide on page 44-45.

The allure of classic Hollywood glamour continues to intrigue and inspire an ever growing league of innovative interior designers. Their distinctive styles resonate among the mass of designers clamoring to make their mark in the industry with a branding iron. For decades, Christopher Guy has embraced the essence of glamour and sophistication in his line of exquisite home furnishings. The trade secret is out and this line of extraordinary furnishings is now at home in the heart of Beverly Hills in a breathtaking 2400 square foot showroom filled with Christopher Guy classics and brand new signature creations.

Born in Britain, raised in Spain and France, and now living in Singapore, Christopher Guy is a lesson in international style and appeal. His trans-continental flair is evident in every line and curve of his flamboyant line of furnishings. Defined by the singular design philosophy of timeless elegance, every piece evokes the glitz and sex appeal we’ve come to know as Hollywood Glamour.

Christopher Guy is all about scale and proportion. The rules are respected and embellished upon to create captivating silhouettes which define his signature look. High back chairs and massive wall mirrors provide no apologies drama. Curvy tables and his signature Chris-X (kris-kros) legs are in a word, sexy. Try as you may, Christopher Guy can not be placed in a box. A favorite among celebrity designers and high end resort hotels, the brand transcends class and culture.