Apr 22, 2010

Labor of love and HOPE

After months of planning and fundraising the ASID Orange County Community Services Team began an 11 day renovation and installation at the Girls HOPE house in Fullerton which acts as a safe haven away from home for 6 displaced high school girls allowing them to focus on education and their future impact on society. After learning about this amazing program I knew that this is
the home I wanted to work with as the 2010-2011 ASID OC Community Services Chairman. In September of 2009 I quickly assembled my dream team committee of design associates (most of whom are also fellow IDI Alumni) and we began our journey to improve the quality of life for the very deserving and talented young ladies at Girls HOPE.

Partnering with HomeAid Orange County was our first step in planning a successful project. With their help we were able to connect with NAWIC (National Association of Women Independent Contractors) who worked on the house ten years ago. They were pleased to participate in our plan to renovate the house and they provided much of the contract work necessary to achieve our vision.

Our next step was to reach out to all of our favorite design industry partners, artists, and associates. As a result, a tremendous amount of furnishings, fabric, and accessories were donated to the project. Next, my committee of 8 began calling in favors and soliciting donations to the tune of over ten thousand dollars in a matter of weeks.

On April 1st we began demo while the girls left for Spring Break. We had 11 days to fulfill our vision which included full bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, electrical enhancements, tile, countertops, carpet, paint, artistic murals, artistic plaster finishes, and two truckloads of furniture and accessories. It was the most intense 11 days of my design career... filled with sweat, anxiety, and emotion.

On April 11th I high fived my team and I literally wept on the drive home. We left a camcorder for the staff to record the girls reactions and watching that video changed my life. There has been a shift in my attitude and my approach to life has forever changed. I've said it before and I will say it again... "everyone deserves the luxury of interior design" and I mean everyone.

Thank you to all of the vendors, donors, and volunteers that helped make this project come to fruition. To see more images of the project from start to finish please join our facebook fan page "asid orange county community services"

The PR and media exposure has already begun, most recently with a video clip from one of our vendors Hart Concrete Design who documented the production process of an amazing custom dining table exclusively for Girls HOPE. To view the video click the following link http://vimeo.com/11097033