Feb 26, 2010

RINEK Wallcovering - not for the faint of heart.

This amazingly artistic line of wallcovering is my new secret weapon for that unique client who is willing to take a risk. Dana Agamalian and John Rinek have created an eclectic line of photographic wallpaper bringing ordinary walls to life with the uncanny realism of barbed wire, peacock feathers, fish eyes, and beds of roses. What, were you expecting me to say bed of nails? They have that too.

To call the line avant-garde is an understatement. Dana and John describe their venture as an opportunity to “challenge the interior design industry with endless originality”. I accept that challenge.

If the fish eyes don’t stop you in your tracks, the Andalucia Collection will. The graphic quality of this print tile collection brings color, texture, and sophistication to any room making it my favorite of the various collections.

Check out the entire collection at http://www.rinekwall.com

Feb 7, 2010

Go directly to Finca Home, do not pass go....

In a time when we are seeing more and more of our favorite little home stores and boutiques closing up shop, it is in a word “refreshing” to see a new storefront filled with beautiful furnishings, art, and home accessories. Now some of you may be asking yourself “is he really promoting somebody else’s home boutique when he has one of his own?” Well, the answer is yes because after a two year run I have retired the retail aspect of my business and I am focusing strictly on interior design. My new go-to hot spot for instant gratification is FINCA HOME in the Newport Plaza Shopping Center. The meticulously edited display of goods can be summed up in four words: Modern, Minimal, Rustic, Revival. On a recent visit I spied a chic persimmon wing chair, modern striped throw pillows, my favorite VOLUSPA candle (Baltic Amber), and my associate literally had to pry the new Louis Vuitton collector’s coffee table book from my hands. As much as I would like to keep this little trade secret to myself I am compelled to share this one with my friends and associates because I know that Maria and the rest of the staff at Finca Home will undoubtedly greet you with the warmth and gratitude that we have all come to expect from our favorite little boutiques. While it pains me to say “out with the old and in with the new”, welcome to the neighborhood Finca Home.

Finca Home is located at 1000 Bristol Street in Newport Beach between Jamboree and Birch. P: 949-863-1900 For more information visit http://www.fincadesign.com