Dec 26, 2009

Tis' the Season

It was such a pleasure learning about one of my favorite celebity interior designer Nate Berkus for a recent contribution to Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine. The latest (winter 2009) issue is all about giving...just in time for the holidays. check it out at

Catching Up with Nate Berkus
Author: Rick Campos

The life of Nate Berkus is a delicate balancing act of television appearances, meetings, and interviews. He completely defines the term “multi-tasking” as he juggles a myriad of design projects, the production of his signature line of home furnishings for HSN, and impromptu appearances with the queen of television for awe inspiring home makeovers and design interventions. Somehow in the midst of all of this, Nate also makes time to support a variety of local, national and even global charity organizations.

Nate’s generosity knows no boundaries. When a local Chicago public school needed a new kitchen, Nate was on it. When a homeless shelter reached out, Nate responded with hundreds of sheet sets from his HSN line to make sure that every home the organization provided for the homeless was outfitted with new bedding. His philanthropy extends to those of the four legged variety as well. “I’m a total dog person and both my dogs Henry and Emma, were rescues so I find myself drawn to animal related charities. One no-kill shelter that is especially close to my heart is PAWS in Chicago.” When asked what other charities and organizations he supports Nate responds, “I just follow my heart and do what I can, where I can”.

No stranger to the camera, Nate has spent countless hours transforming celebrity digs into luxurious retreats and fulfilling the dreams of victims of tragedy with a place to call home and a renewed chance at life. His ability to affect the lives of others at such a level is one that he credits his good friend Oprah. “As I made over that first small space in Boston, I realized the power and reach of what Oprah has created.” Nate simply showed up to do his job as a designer. Little did he know that his job, his life’s work, was about to be re-defined. This journey has proven to be as fulfilling for Nate as it is for those whose lives he has touched. “I’m working at a job that I love. I get to be creative. I get to dream. I get to feel inspired every day. When you feel fulfilled, it means you’re able to be there for others and your joy rubs off on them. Being a designer has been and continues to be one of my greatest joys.”

When asked if he agrees that with every milestone in business and life, we are given the opportunity to give back Nate responds, “not just every milestone…but setback too. All these life lessons inform who we are, make us stronger, and give us more reason to be gracious and share the best part of ourselves.” I couldn’t agree more. I believe that every act of giving is a sign of hope. Without it, the balancing act will crumble. #

Note: Thank you Nate for taking the time to intrigue and inspire me and our BHL readers. Also, thank you to Erin at AllMoxie PR for all of your help connecting with Nate.