Dec 31, 2009

"must haves" for 2010

As we all know, 2010 is going to be an entirely different year filled with design opportunity and a literal windfall of new trends and fresh ideas. Here is a sneak peek at some of my favorite design elements which will undoubtedly find a place in my design repertoire and that of every hot OC/LA designer in the coming year.

Anything “concrete” by Hart Concrete Design (HCD)
The durability and eco-responsibility screams urban chic. Owner and artist Kyle has found a way to cleverly integrate concrete and aggregate into just about every design element you can imagine. Island counters, lavatory sinks, fireplace surrounds, dining tables, accent tables, and even flower pots have all become examples of Kyle’s handy work. To the delight of interior designers, every piece is made to order and can be customized making the line not only unique but versatile. Be prepared to see a lot more of HCD in all the right places in 2010.

Designer Lighting from Lightopia
If it’s modern, urban, retro-chic, or dripping with crystals you will find it here. The folks at Lightopia have gathered all things cool and placed them under one roof making them “thee” lighting destination / resource for designers and savvy consumers. My lighting pick for 2010… hand blown crystal sconces and pendants by Caleb Siemon. In a word: sexy.

Please give wall covering a second chance!
There is no better way to add texture and visual interest to a room than with “wallcovering”, formerly know as wallpaper. From grass cloth and leather to flocked damask, wallcovering can instantly transform a room from drab to fab! My pick or 2010 is silk screened grasscloth by Phillip Jeffries. A perfect balance of texture and pattern makes it perfect for feature walls, bedrooms, and powder rooms.

These are just a few items on my never ending list of design tips to make your home all that it can be. I hope they will intrigue and inspired you to begin a new design project in 2010.

Dec 26, 2009

Tis' the Season

It was such a pleasure learning about one of my favorite celebity interior designer Nate Berkus for a recent contribution to Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine. The latest (winter 2009) issue is all about giving...just in time for the holidays. check it out at

Catching Up with Nate Berkus
Author: Rick Campos

The life of Nate Berkus is a delicate balancing act of television appearances, meetings, and interviews. He completely defines the term “multi-tasking” as he juggles a myriad of design projects, the production of his signature line of home furnishings for HSN, and impromptu appearances with the queen of television for awe inspiring home makeovers and design interventions. Somehow in the midst of all of this, Nate also makes time to support a variety of local, national and even global charity organizations.

Nate’s generosity knows no boundaries. When a local Chicago public school needed a new kitchen, Nate was on it. When a homeless shelter reached out, Nate responded with hundreds of sheet sets from his HSN line to make sure that every home the organization provided for the homeless was outfitted with new bedding. His philanthropy extends to those of the four legged variety as well. “I’m a total dog person and both my dogs Henry and Emma, were rescues so I find myself drawn to animal related charities. One no-kill shelter that is especially close to my heart is PAWS in Chicago.” When asked what other charities and organizations he supports Nate responds, “I just follow my heart and do what I can, where I can”.

No stranger to the camera, Nate has spent countless hours transforming celebrity digs into luxurious retreats and fulfilling the dreams of victims of tragedy with a place to call home and a renewed chance at life. His ability to affect the lives of others at such a level is one that he credits his good friend Oprah. “As I made over that first small space in Boston, I realized the power and reach of what Oprah has created.” Nate simply showed up to do his job as a designer. Little did he know that his job, his life’s work, was about to be re-defined. This journey has proven to be as fulfilling for Nate as it is for those whose lives he has touched. “I’m working at a job that I love. I get to be creative. I get to dream. I get to feel inspired every day. When you feel fulfilled, it means you’re able to be there for others and your joy rubs off on them. Being a designer has been and continues to be one of my greatest joys.”

When asked if he agrees that with every milestone in business and life, we are given the opportunity to give back Nate responds, “not just every milestone…but setback too. All these life lessons inform who we are, make us stronger, and give us more reason to be gracious and share the best part of ourselves.” I couldn’t agree more. I believe that every act of giving is a sign of hope. Without it, the balancing act will crumble. #

Note: Thank you Nate for taking the time to intrigue and inspire me and our BHL readers. Also, thank you to Erin at AllMoxie PR for all of your help connecting with Nate.

Dec 14, 2009

Welcome to my BLOG

Well, the time has finally come. I am overwhelmed with ideas, resources, and opinions to share so I have joined the bandwagon and have started my own blog. It is here that I will critique, inquire, and shamelessly plug all things "Interior Design" related.

The folks at Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine have dubbed me an authority on the topic of Interior Design and related subjects. I accept that challenge and I plan to deliver insider information and thought provoking contributions to every issue in an effort to satisfy the thirst of their exclusive readership. View past and current contributions here or on the BHL website

Past, current, and future clients who wish to remain in the loop with my design intrests will find inspiration here. Industry partners and associates can view my opinion on products and design trends.
Anyone who knows me also knows that I maintain a constant philosophy with regards to my fellow design associates. I consider my colleagues in the design industry allies, not competitors. I believe in sharing resources and experiences in an effort to better the industry as a whole. If you want trash talk and drama, this is not the blog for you.

Thanks for following and I look forward to being a resourse, authority, or at the very least an intriguing distraction.
Rick Campos - Allied Member, ASID

Dec 13, 2009

Luxury Linens for the Modern Boudoir

My latest contribution to Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine...

While the thought of turning down a bed piled high with quilts, shams, duvets, and pillows may seem daunting, I find the process quite therapeutic. Like a ceremony, each meticulously pressed layer unfolding to reveal another. A well appointed bed requires meticulous attention to detail and military precision. When done correctly, the result is nothing short of luxurious.

With Italian fabrication and a pedigree dating back to 1860, FRETTE is the crème de la crème of luxury bed linens. Five Star Hotels around the world rely on FRETTE to pamper their guests and ensure a good nights sleep. The world’s leading interior designers rely on FRETTE to bring a same five star experience to the homes of royalty, dignitaries, and their most discriminating clientele.

A recent visit to the South Coast Plaza Boutique culminated in a therapy worthy spree of all things FRETTE. In addition to their classic traditional bedding, FRETTE offers a chic line of contemporary printed bedding, bath linens, table linens, outerwear, and accessories. My own personal vision of a five star bedroom starts with the HOTEL Collection. Classic white with black piping and signature monogram speaks volumes in both traditional and contemporary sleeping quarters. Bath robe, towels, and slippers? Yes please. A leather embossed valet for keys and wallet, check. Is that a beach towel and matching canvas tote? Well, you don’t want to displace your monogrammed terries. Two beach towels please. While my associate shopped next door for her next trophy hand bag, I kept it all about me.
Consider such an indulgence an investment in yourself. Relish the sense of privilege when climbing into bed and enjoy the luxury that envelopes you. I guarantee you’ll find yourself turning in just a little earlier and sleeping in just a little later. And for the record, although stylish and incredibly comfortable, the sateen pajamas make a better fashion statement within the confines of home rather than the corner coffee stop. However, if you must I recommend completing the ensemble with their cotton robe and cashmere slippers.

Organic Elements infuse warmth, style, and sophistication into your home.

One of my favorite things to do is share amazing resources and talented artists with fellow designers. I was recently approched by a lifestyle magazine to contribute and share some of my favorites things with their readers. This article was featured in the FALL Issue of Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine.

Designers around the globe have added a new design technique to their overflowing bag of tricks. These days no room is ready for the pages of a glossy home magazine without an organic element. Displacing the requisite white orchid into second place is the teak stump side table on which it rests upon.

The word “organic” is referred to in the design industry as simply an earthly element. There is much room left for interpretation, unlike when used in the context of our local farmer’s market. The infusion of stone, concrete, and re-claimed wood is creating a new transitional palette rich with warmth, style, and sophistication.

For years artist Tony Clark of Clark Functional Art has created one of a kind pieces for luxury residences and high end commercial applications. His coral like root coffee tables and enormous free edge dining tables are focal points in designer living spaces from Laguna Beach to Napa Valley. Tony collects re-claimed slabs and tree stumps from around the globe to create his works or art. The wood species lean more toward the exotic varieties such as teak, rosewood, and Honduras mahogany.

It seems no matter how traditional, contemporary, or modern a space is, the inclusion of organic elements such as re-claimed wood brings a sense of humanity and responsibility to the scene. For a cool urban look I recommend pairing the natural unrefined dining table with sleek Lucite dining chairs. In a more traditional setting surround a chunky root coffee table with four oversized wing back chairs to create a classic conversation area with a unique focal point.

Clark Functional Art is available to the trade at Gina B & Company in the Laguna Design Center